Jimmy Page Net Aid 1999 – It’s Awesome

October 9, 1999 Giant’s Stadium NJ – Ep 149 The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

Jimmy Page with Chris + Rich Robinson, Puff Daddy (remember that?) w/ Michael Lee + Charlie Jones. Oct. 9 1999 @ Giants Stadium. This set is insane & Jimmy is on fire!

You can download the entire set here: https://mega.nz/folder/isEiiZjS#K6ZWil-VPxc6gn30rk2cjA

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Page Net Aid 1999 – It’s Awesome”

  1. Just heard my first Heart of Markness. Yes! Amazing. Wanted to share, I used to record live BCN concerts on my Teac reel to reel from the woods of New Hampshire. So great! Remember a Cheap Trick show at the Orpheum around ‘78-ish? Keep on brother.

    1. Nice, wasn’t BCN awesome back in the day? 1978 is too far back for me. I didn’t start going to shows until 1983 but I can imagine Cheap Trick being fantastic in ’78. Love the Orpheum. Saw Lou Reed there as well as Robert Plant. Probably others. Thanks for listening and reaching out, my brother!

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