New Podcast This Week: Jimmy Page’s Outrider Tour

jimmy page john miles 1988 outrider acoustic
Playing the acoustic section of If I Cannot Have Your Love. 1988

Yep. It’s true. I am working on a new episode of the Heart Of Markness, after a long long absence. I’ll get into the reasons why I’ve been gone (tl;dr – two consecutive computers died, taking all my drafts and audio), and what the future will hold.

This episode will be an exploration of Jimmy Page’s 1988 Outrider tour, which is a woefully unappreciated tour. Jimmy was playing like it was 1975 (sometimes even 1973) again, and he was consistently on fire, every night. No more phoning it in, and no more hiding sloppy playing behind chorus and flange pedals.

Ok. Keep your eyes peeled. The new episode will up by the end of this week.

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