John Paul Jones Shepards Bush 1999

Ep. 201 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast: 11/12/99 London

We hear a scorching recording of John Paul Jones in London Nov. 12, 1999 on his Zooma tour. I play Nosumi Blues, Triple Neck, and Crackback. Brace yourself for phat bass.

You can download this complete concert right here:

John Paul Jones Las Vegas 1999

EP. 132 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

Jonesy! We listen to Nov. 1, 1999 at the Joint in Las Vegas on the Zooma tour. This is a soundboard recording and both the sound quality and performance are excellent. We hear No Quarter, Nosumi Blues, and Levee. Amazing musician. You can download the whole concert here:

Episode 9 – Unreleased Live Led Zeppelin Tracks From How The West Was Won

2 Unreleased Live Led Zeppelin Tracks From 1972

Episode 9 of The Heart Of Markness Podcast

It is finished. A nice 22 minute episode wherein I discuss, then play, two unreleased live Led Zeppelin tracks left off of their live album, How The West Was Won. It’s an audience recording of Louie Louie, Everyday People, and Thank You. Amazingly powerful performances

unreleased live led zeppelin tracks
Back in the day. How The West Was Won, Indeed.

which also highlight the level of connection Zeppelin had with their audiences. This recording is from June 25th, 1972. I said Long Beach on the podcast, but it was the LA Forum. I just said Long Beach to give a few perfectionists a paroxysm of rage. We are all of us monsters in one way or another.


These 2 unreleased live Led Zeppelin tracks are EXCELLENT. Led Zeppelin in 1972 was at the peak of their powers. Robert Plant’s voice hadn’t gone, and Jimmy Page’s hands were fluid and eloquent. Jonesy still had the organ (pre-mellotron) and all was well. Their cover versions were often legendary.

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