Led Zeppelin – Seattle 1973 Pt 1+2

Ep. 65 of The Heart of Markness Podcast

This a wonderful show. July 17, 1973 in Seattle, Washington, Led Zeppelin blazes through their 9th North American Tour. I use two fantastic matrix sources, ZepHead315’s and Dario Romero’s remaster.

If you would like to download the entire show, you can do so here (Dario Romero version): https://mega.nz/folder/eoUkDa6D#v9ETAvPDuOyrRbKP0tiYQw

Led Zeppelin Toronto 1969

August 18, 1969 Evening Show

This is the evening show at Toronto’s Rockpile on August 18, 1969. Led Zeppelin is barreling through their North American Summer 1969 tour like a Mongol horde, taking no prisoners and conquering all they encounter.

If you would like to download the entire show you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/z9tXhK4Q#XxlAtrtpIwXF-HpDvZIstQ

Led Zeppelin Early 1980 Part One

Ep. 60 – The Heart of Markness Podcast


The magnificent owner of the Led Zeppelin Rarities YouTube channel, Zach, has created something magickal. He has created matrix (soundboard/audience tape mix) compilation of Led Zeppelin’s early dates on their 1980 European Tour.

His work brings life, atmosphere, and fun to a tour that has been held in low regard for decades. The addictions, dysfunction, and schisms within the band were all reaching critical mass at this point, and it shows in the performances, which were done no favors by a batch of dry as fuck, uninteresting soundboard recordings, which highlighted issues such as Jimmy’s loss of ability, Robert’s ambivalence, and Bonzo’s loss of spark.

This compilation, Dancing in the Doldrums, shows a band coming back and starting to gel again, after a hideous trio of years. Bonzo is here in force as this is before his collapse in Nurenberg, and Jimmy is focused and intent on ‘cutting the waffle’ or losing all the bloat like 40 minute songs and long solos.

You can download this entire compilation off of Led Zeppelin Rarities’ YouTube channel. Enjoy.

Robert Plant: San Diego 1990

August 9, 1990 – Mike Millard Master from JEMS

This is a very high energy fun show from Robert Plant supporting his Manic Nirvana album. He’s in great voice and his band is on top of their game. I play Nirvana, Wearing and Tearing, Hurting Kind, and Little by Little.

You can download the entire concert right here: https://mega.nz/folder/Ds1hlR6T#ZwyOTRl-ZeU–EE2XycVag

Listen To This Mimo!

Led Zeppelin June 7th, 1977 MSG

By special request from a long time listener, and Patron, this episode features Led Zeppelin’s first of six nights at Madison Square Garden, NYC. June 7, 1977 is what Mimo wanted to hear and I can see why. It’s a powerhouse show and we hear it from a bass heavy (in a good way) soundboard recording.

If you would like to download the complete concert you can do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/bk0BSZjT#0ocjoq6A9Oi16VF5ZjN_6g

Led Zeppelin – Brussels 1972

May 28, 1972 The Heart of Markness Podcast

This is an excellent warm up show to the big US Tour from which we got How The West Was Won. Highlights of this gig are Dazed and Confused, Heartbreaker, and a Whole Lotta Love with several unique songs in the medley.

The crowd is rowdy and they’re throwing firecrackers, so the band ditch Moby Dick, but the whole show is wonderful, and you download it for free right here: https://mega.nz/folder/D9shib5Z#qZdARnJ0P56UYnESWJzvYg

Led Zeppelin Long Beach ’75

Ep. 56 of The Heart of Markness

This is one of the best live recordings out there. Mike Millard’s Led Zeppelin 3/11/75 is just superb. The performances are great and the audience recording sounds professional. Here the boys at their indulgent best. Dazed and Confused is played as well as the funky Whole Lotta Love/Crunge, a primal Kashmir, and a sublime Over The Hills And Far Away. Great stuff.

If you would like to download the entire concert you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/HoFTRIgL#estau7Slz_tMsBZR55C9jw