Radiohead Bonnaroo 2006

June 17, 2006 – Excellent Soundboard Recording

What a show! Radiohead @ Bonnaroo June 17, 2006 is insanely good. We hear 4 songs from their epic 28 song set. Nude, Lucky, You & Whose Army? and Everything In Its Right Place. This is such a great show.

Radiohead is one of those magical bands that much better live, even though their albums are incredible. You can download this complete show here:

Radiohead – Cambridge 1995

November 6 1995 – Prebroadcast Transcription Disc

We listen to Radiohead live from November 6, 1995. This is a pre-broadcast BBC transcription recording, so the quality is professional and the show is great. This is prime Bends era Radiohead. We listen to The Bends, Stop Whispering, Fake Plastic Trees, and You.

You can download this complete broadcast here:

Patrice O’Neal Explains Creep & It’s Importance to White People

patrice oneal explains white people

Neil Young, Radiohead, & White People

Patrice O’Neal Explains Creep

I love Patrice O’Neal. He was one of the smartest, wisest, funniest, bravest, noblest comedians of the 21st Century, and his early death was a huge loss. In whi

This clip if from his appearance on the NoName Show, speaking of his (never made) Comedy Central show about White People. If you’re not familiar with Patrice O’Neal, he was a comedian in the same crowd as Bill Burr, Joe Rogan, Jim Norton, et al. The Boston Gen X crowd (of which I’m a member) that ascended with the rise of (non music video) MTV.

If you haven’t seen his epic Elephant In The Room, do so pronto. Funny stuff.

patrice oneal explains white people
Patrice O’Neal explains how white womens’ beauty is evaluated.

I didn’t know that Neil Young was such a beloved white figure in music. He’s beloved!