About Mark

Who reads these?

I am Mark. I used to own Youdopia.com, which was a blog in which I wrote about music, comedy, mysticism… basically anything that caught my fancy. It lasted about 5 years, and was pretty successful (success based on traffic, not $).

I let it lapse and fade away (a bad decision) and now 3 years later, I am starting over.

Heart of Markness will be where I share my thoughts, music, videos, funny/cool stuff, etc.

This site is also an adjunct to my podcast, also called Heart of Markness, which is a Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin – classic rock podcast. I mainly discuss awesome Zep live recordings, esoteric Jimmy Page performances, or eras, and (maybe) other stuff as it strikes me.

If you like Robert Anton Wilson, Lou Reed, Led Zeppelin, Mel Brooks, Aleister Crowley, fnord, Eris, and the like.. you may find a home here.