Queen – Long Beach 1977

Mike Millard Master – December 12, 1977 – The Heart of Markness Podcast

This is an excellent Mike Millard master recording of Queen from December 20, 1977 in Long Beach, CA. This is the News of the World tour and Freddie and Co. are in fine form. It doesn’t get better than this. I posted a show from March of that year a few months back.

If you would like to download this complete show you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/O11FDIZY#kLl8eBZ55Et_5OgYXKtkDw

2 thoughts on “Queen – Long Beach 1977”

  1. Fantastic recording. Wonder if Queen at Los Angeles Forum on September 14 & 15 1982 was recorded by Mike Millard. None of those date has ever turned up on boot’s or tape sirculation.
    On the 15th, the last concert in USA, Billy Squier joined them on ‘Jailhouse Rock’ encore. Would be a great release.

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