Unreleased Coverdale Page Track – Southern Comfort

unreleased coverdale page
Coverdale Page. They never really got off the ground.

Unreleased Coverdale Page Song

Southern Comfort (Acoustic)

I want to share this nice unreleased Coverdale Page track. It’s a nice acoustic number entitled Southern Comfort. There’s no solo or anything, but the chord voicings could only belong to one Mr. James Patrick Page. I could never connect with the Coverdale Page album.

A few years ago three unreleased songs were “leaked” by David Coverdale on his website. As such only lossy (.mp3) versions of these songs exist out here in the wild. This one, Southern Comfort, is the only acoustic track.

The is some mud in the water regarding this track, with some saying this is a unreleased track from David Coverdale’s 2000 solo album. However, the man himself said on Twitter that this song is from the Coverdale Page sessions. So, case closed. Plus it’s obviously Jimmy Page playing with that tuning.

One of these day’s I’ll cover Coverdale Page on the podcast. Until then let this hold you over.

In any case enjoy this little rarity (although rarities are a rarity in this digital age. Nothing’s rare if it’s on YouTube). 🙂

Hello world!

giphy-4I am back. 🙂

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