Led Zeppelin Fillmore West 1969

Remastered Soundboard 1/11/69 – Ep. 133 The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We listen to a wonderfully remastered soundboard recording from Jan 11, 1969, of Led Zeppelin at the Fillmore West in San Francisco. Great sound and a great performance of a hungry young band making their name known. We hear I Can’t Quit You, Dazed, and How Many More Times. Amazing. You can download the entire recording here: https://mega.nz/folder/r1MFyQTQ#ye5JPAjqcyFbY1ajtJBOXA

Elvis Costello LA 1991 Millard Master

The Heart of Markness Classic Rock Podcast

We listen to a Mike Millard master of Elvis Costello at the Wiltern Theater in LA, on June 3, 1991, on his Mighty Like A Rose tour. A fantastic recording of an excellent show. Amazing band and setlist. I love it. You can download this recording here: https://mega.nz/folder/W91XTAab#f3QNtBFQWLzXUtpODJzC8A

John Paul Jones Las Vegas 1999

EP. 132 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

Jonesy! We listen to Nov. 1, 1999 at the Joint in Las Vegas on the Zooma tour. This is a soundboard recording and both the sound quality and performance are excellent. We hear No Quarter, Nosumi Blues, and Levee. Amazing musician. You can download the whole concert here: https://mega.nz/folder/vwETzSya#2aMf5M7kLakYP1R036dNNw

Keith Richards Los Angeles 1993

Mike Millard’s Last Known Recording: January 23, 1993

We listen to what may be Mike Millard’s last recording, Keith Richards at the Universal Amphitheater in LA on Jan. 23, 1993. Solo Keith has a great band and is in great spirits this night. A great show from a legend by a legend. You can download this complete show here: https://mega.nz/folder/ysVRQACD#–lBa-hqt66Bog5XDLEMWA

Led Zeppelin Belfast 1971

Ep. 127 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast – March 5, 1971

e listen to Led Zeppelin playing Ulster Hall, Belfast NI on March 5, 1971. These are the very first live performances of songs from Zep 4 ever. We hear Black Dog, Stairway, and a Ramones level Rock and Roll. Robert’s voice is unreal. Never better. You can download this show right here: https://mega.nz/folder/Lk0A0Y5C#YeWZ3h_ga7KvX-wB0GPl8g

Led Zeppelin Copenhagen 7/23/79

Ep. 126 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We listen to a glorious recording of Led Zeppelin’s first show in 2 years, July 23, 1979 in Copenhagen. The band plays with a relaxed intensity and Jimmy plays like 1973 again. Celebration Day, No Quarter, and Achilles are heard. Great one!

If you would like to download the complete concert (KRW_CO Version) you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/CllyHQDR#nRLC0Eg6YNjEKkqAAqbxaw

Camper Van Beethoven Denmark 1990

Club Rust Copenhagen 4/3/90 – The Heart of Markness Classic Rock Podcast

We listen to Camper Van Beethoven touring in support of one of my favorite albums, Key Lime Pie. Club Rust, Copenhagen 4/3/90. We hear All Her Favorite Fruit, Eye of Fatima, I Was Born In A Laundromat, and Waka. Great band. Great show. Great songs.

If you would like to download this complete concert you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/nwtgGLja#Lr2GoiiQ7RTPALaBo91syw

Led Zeppelin Gonzaga 1968

Ep. 125 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We listen to the only extant live recording of Led Zeppelin from 1968. Gonzaga University, December 30, they played a gymnasium. Rough and ready and hungry. The very first roar from the behemoth. If you would like to download this show you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/W8kwSR7Z#NecCyUJzWsNZyVtoZQA0cA

Eric Clapton Long Beach 1974

July 19 1974 – Mike Millard Master Recording

We listen to Eric Clapton playing Long Beach, CA on July 19, 1974. This is a Mike Millard master recording, and Eric plays Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & The Dominoes, as well as his solo material. A great set.

If you would like to download this complete show you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/T0lDEYZJ#_HZ158XBzXBuW7ezlvazzw

Led Zeppelin – Landover 1977

In Celebration For A King Matrix Compilation. Ep. 104 – The Heart of Markness

We listen to tracks from Led Zeppelin in Landover, MD in May 1977. YouTuber Led Zeppelin Rarities created an AMAZING matrix compilation of the best of songs from all four nights of that run. The sound is incredible. This is almost official release quality, and the bass is ridiculous.

If you would like to download this incredible compilation you may do so here. https://mega.nz/file/288wQDaS#zIPvKsDMcelV71NfJSR6EraTO1pLOiFxVV1ii2vH16o