Page/Plant – Oberhausen DE 12/2/98

Ep. 273 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This is a great show! The penultimate Page/Plant gig, December 2, 1998 Oberhausen, Westphalia. Unbelievable chemistry between all band members. Jimmy Page is absolutely on fire, and super precise in his tone, and delivery.

The band has never sounded better and they are ending their Walking Into Everywhere Tour with a hell of a bang. I play Heartbreaker, Walking Into Clarksdale (insane whammy work in this), and a How Many More Times for the ages.

You can grab this entire concert right here:

Led Zeppelin: Copenhagen 1970

Ep. 272 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This is a firecracker of a show recorded the month following the Royal Albert Hall gig, which is featured on the Led Zeppelin DVD. February, 28, 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have The Nobs performing, to placate the wrath of the elders of the Von Zeppelin family. Zeppelin delivers in Copenhagen, historically, and this show is now different.

So, instead calling themselves Led Zeppelin, on this one night the were The Nobs. This is both in homage of promoter Claude Nobs, and play on then slang term for male genitalia, your knob. Remember they were all in their early 20’s. 😉

I play an embryonic and powerful Since I’ve Been Loving You, a gorgeous Organ Solo/Thank You, and finish up with Bring it on Home. Great band. Great show. Great Scott!

You can download this entire recording right here:

Led Zeppelin: Chicago 1973 Master

Ep. 271 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

I play a nice show from July 7, 1973 of Led Zeppelin lighting up Chicago. Robert’s voice is in rough shape, but not as bad as the night before. Jimmy and Bonzo ably pick up any slack left by Mr. Plant.

I play Over the Hills and a raucous Dazed. Good stuff. Performed 51 years ago, today.

You can download this complete concert recording right here:

Led Zeppelin BBC April 1971 Pre-Broadcast

Epmix. 270 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This is a wonderful, clear, stereo recording of the legendary, and officially released (with a bunch of cuts and edits) April 1, 1971 performance at the Paris Theater, in London. Jonesy’s fat bass sounds so good in the left channel.

I play a nice punching Communication Breakdown with a very well represented hi-hat in the mix, and finally an epic Whole Lotta Love with a million well defined medleys (which aren’t in the official release) like Bottle Up and Go, Mess of the Blues, and a lovely For What It’s Worth. I value the complete performances as they have the juice, the magic, whereas the official release has a great Whole Lotta Love, but without all the bells and whistles which make the band magical.

If you would like this complete performance you can download it here, for free, courtesy of my Patrons: Here you go:

Page/Plant in Sydney Feb 24, 1996

Ep. 269 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

1996 was a great year for the Jimmy Page/Robert Plant partnership. After their tremendously successful 1995 Unledded tour, they both loosened and tightened up, and headed South (of the Equator) with a smaller coterie of musicians. They played Central and South America, Japan, and finally, Australia.

This recording is from their February 24, 1996 in Sydney. The recording is fantastic as is the performance. I play a super chill yet elegant Since I’ve Been Loving You (Robert hit’s that note perfectly), a raucous and percussively gorgeous Four Sticks, and we finish off the night with a brilliant and lively In The Evening, before we all drop from exhaustion. Enjoy

You can download this show right here:

Led Zeppelin LA Forum March 27 1975 Millard Master

Ep. 268 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This is an incredible recording from Saint Mike Millard on his blessed Nakamichi, of Led Zeppelin at the LA Forum on March 27, 1975. This is one of the legendary marathon shows, running more than 3 hours, in gorgeous full stereo. This is a fresh transfer made by JEMS and lightly mastered by DADGAD. It’s a keeper for sure.

I play a funky Over The Hills and Far Away and glorious improvisational No Quarter for us, as a taster for the full show, which is available below. Jonesy and Bonzo are perfectly synced in this amazing recording. You’ll dig it.

You can download this complete show for free right here:

Led Zeppelin – Belfast 1971

Ep. 266 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This show is a monster. Not only is it a 1971 show, making it great by default, it is also the first show with songs from Zep 4 (still 8 months from release), and it’s also one of Robert Plant’s strongest shows ever. So, it’s a winner.

I featured this show on Episode 127 where I played all the debut performances of Stairway, Rock and Roll, and Going to Calafornia. This time I’m playing the opening of the show with an incendiary Immigrant Song–>Heartbreaker, and the finale with a viking raid of a performance of Bring It on Home. Robert’s harmonica work is brilliant on top of everything.

You can download this complete concert, courtesy of my Patrons, right here:

Led Zeppelin – Hamburg March 21 1973 Dadgad Merge

Ep. 263 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

Led Zeppelin’s 1973 European tour is generally considered to be the instrumental peak of the band, with Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones locked in tighter than ever, and playing with breakneck speed.

This performance is from Hamburg on March 21, 1973 and is a lovely remastered merge of the 2nd gen audience recording, and the clean as a whistle soundboard (Dazed, Stairway, and Whole Lotta Love only) to present a complete concert experience with best possible fidelity. All this is courtesy of the legendary dadgad.

I play a sublime Since I’ve Been Loving You and then a Dazed and Confused which is a contender for best ever. It’s brilliant. As Luis Rey says, you’ve heard it all before, but never this perfectly. Bonzo. Goddamn. So good. So so good.

You can download this complete recording right here:

Led Zeppelin Nassau June 15, 1972

Ep. 262 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

June 1972 is a golden month for Zep fans. Lots of great shows, including the ones which would eventually be released as How The West Was Won. This is June 15, 1972 at Nassau Colosseum and it is awesome.

We hear a first gen from the AC recording and boy do those guys like to talk. I play Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, and a Whole Lotta Love with a zillion amazing medleys.

You can download this complete recording right here:

Jimmy Page Worcester 1988 – Source 1 Transfer 2

Ep. 261 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This show is all kinds of magickal, to me. First, I was there. Second, Jimmy Page was on fire this whole tour. Third, Robert Plant was in attendance so the band knocked it up a notch. This is October 29, 1988 and Jimmy Page is at the Worcester Centrum supporting his Outrider album.

I play a stellar Midnight Moonlight w/Black Mountainside, an even more amazing solo section of The Chase w/ bow solo, noise solo (short), and Dazed & Confused w/ some Walter’s Walk. It’s awesome. We finish up with a perfect, I mean perfect, instrumental performance of Stairway to Heaven that may make you weep. For real.

You can download this entire concert right here: