Talking Heads – Heatwave 1980

The Heart of Markness Classic Rock Podcast – 8/23/1980 Ontario CA

This is the live debut of the expanded Talking Heads, with Adrian Belew et al, at the Heatwave festival August 23, 1980 in Ontario. We hear Once In A Lifetime, Life After Wartime, and Psycho Killer on a nice recording. Great set.

You can download this complete set in FLAC here:

Led Zeppelin Frankfurt 1980 Remaster

Ep. 168 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast – June 30, 1980

We hear a wonderful remaster of June 30, 1980, Led Zeppelin in Frankfurt. Liriodendron did the remaster and brought the dry (and slow) sbd to life. We hear In The Evening, maybe the best live Achilles, and a great cover of Money with Phil Carson on bass. This show sparkles.

You can download the complete concert in FLAC here:

Led Zeppelin Hannover 1980 Audience Recording

Ep. 161 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast – June 24, 1980 Hannover Germany

We listen to Led Zeppelin playing Hannover DE June 24, 1980 and Jimmy Page’s fingers are nimble! We hear Nobody’s Fault, All My Love (excellent solo), Trampled Underfoot and a regal SIBLY. The audience recording is lively and dynamic. There are gems to be found in the 1980 Tour Over Europe. Jimmy’s firing on all cylinders here.

You can download this complete concert right here:

Grateful Dead Long Beach 1980 Millard 1st Gen

Dec. 13, 1980 The Heart of Markness Classic Rock Podcast

SAN FRANCISCO – November 14: Grateful Dead performing at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, California on October 14, 1980. (Photo by Larry Hulst/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

We hear Mike Millard’s lovely recording of the Grateful Dead in Long Beach on Dec 13 1980. Early Brent Mydland era Dead sounding very nice. Sugaree and Sugar Magnolia are played.

You can download this complete show right here:

ZZ Top Pine Knob 1980

Bonus Episode – RIP Dusty Hill

RIP Dusty Hill. We listen to a show from April 15, 1980 from the Deguello tour, on a nice crisp soundboard recording. This was a fun band with real grit and Dusty Hill will be missed.

If you would like to download this complete show you may do so here:

Led Zeppelin – Cologne 1980

EP. 116 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast June 18 1980

In a return to the 1980 tour, we listen to an excellent matrix of Led Zeppelin in Cologne on June 18, 1980. The band were all in and high energy with driving performances of Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Trampled Underfoot, Rock & Roll, & Communication Breakdown. Great show!

If you would like to download this complete show (Winston Remaster) you may do so here:

Genesis – The Roxy 1980

A Mike Millard Recording on The Heart of Markness Podcast

On May 25, 1980 Genesis, touring in support of Duke, played an intimate gig for 500 fans, at West Hollywood’s iconic Roxy. Mike Millard was there, front and center, with his legendary recording gear. There’s ambiguity as to whether this is a master recording, or taken from a 1st gen, but in any case the sound is phenomenal, as is the performance.

If you would like to download the complete show, you may do so here:

Led Zeppelin Early 1980 Part One

Ep. 60 – The Heart of Markness Podcast


The magnificent owner of the Led Zeppelin Rarities YouTube channel, Zach, has created something magickal. He has created matrix (soundboard/audience tape mix) compilation of Led Zeppelin’s early dates on their 1980 European Tour.

His work brings life, atmosphere, and fun to a tour that has been held in low regard for decades. The addictions, dysfunction, and schisms within the band were all reaching critical mass at this point, and it shows in the performances, which were done no favors by a batch of dry as fuck, uninteresting soundboard recordings, which highlighted issues such as Jimmy’s loss of ability, Robert’s ambivalence, and Bonzo’s loss of spark.

This compilation, Dancing in the Doldrums, shows a band coming back and starting to gel again, after a hideous trio of years. Bonzo is here in force as this is before his collapse in Nurenberg, and Jimmy is focused and intent on ‘cutting the waffle’ or losing all the bloat like 40 minute songs and long solos.

You can download this entire compilation off of Led Zeppelin Rarities’ YouTube channel. Enjoy.

The Who – LA 1980

Bonus Quarantine Episode

Brilliant Mike Millard Master Recording

1980 was a weird time for The Who. Keith Moon had died, Kenny Jones was the new drummer, they added John Rabbit Bundrick on keys, and they toured without an album to support.

Who Are You was two years old and Face Dances hadn’t been recorded yet, so The Who did a basic ‘Hits’ tour. On this night Pete was playing with a broken hand, but the show must go on, and it did. If you like to hear the whole show, in excellent quality, from Mike Millard’s master tape, you can download it here:

Led Zeppelin & Bad Company Jam On Whole Lotta Love – Munich 1980

led zeppelin bad company munich 1980
The second to last Led Zeppelin concert with John Bonham.

Led Zeppelin & Bad Company

Simon Kirke & John Bonham In Munich 1980

I have been revisiting Led Zeppelin’s 1980 tour, and I had never listened to their July 5, 1980 show, in Munich. This is one of the only (maybe the only) show from this tour that doesn’t have a soundboard out there. That late 1980’s glut of dry soundboards did this tour no favors. Jimmy’s tone is brittle and highlights every flubbed note wayyyyy more than a good audience tape.
Munich is a very good audience tape, maybe even excellent. There’s good stereo separation, good ambience, and you can hear Jimmy’s guitar the way you would have heard it in the hall. On top of that it was a fun show.
At the conclusion of the show, a second drum kit was set up, next to Bonzo’s drums. Not even Keith Moon got his drum kit when he played with Zep in ’77. This is a one time thing.
After a brief break, Led Zeppelin comes back with the drummer from Bad Company, Simon Kirke. Bad Company was the biggest act (aside from Zeppelin themselves) on their Swan Song label, as well as friends with the band, so they had special access. Jimmy and Robert even jammed with Bad Company a couple of times, but that’s the subject of another blog post.

So here is a very cool, very funny, version of Whole Lotta Love, with two drummers. This is also the second to the last time the band would play this song, before Bonzo’s untimely death. It’s a fun one. Jimmy goes into the fun blues things, and even brings the drummers back into line, when they get lost. This recording really changed my mind about this tour, and tipped the scales in deciding to make this tour the topic of my next podcast.