The Beatles Philadelphia 1964

Sept. 2, 1964 – The Heart of Markness Classic Rock Podcast

We listen to 4 songs from Sept. 2, 1964 of the Beatles in Philadelphia, PA. We here Things We Said Today, Can’t Buy Me Love, Twist and Shout, and She Loves You from a great mono soundboard recording. Peak Beatlemania!

You can download the complete recording here:

Rolling Stones – Philly 1972

Bonus Quarantine Episode

We listen to a soundboard recording of the late show of the Rolling Stones, 7/21/72 in Philadelphia. This is the legendary STP tour supporting Exile on Main Street, and it’s the Stones at their peak. Absolutely brilliant performances of Love in Vain, All Down The Line, Midnight Rambler, and Uptight/Satisfaction. Beautiful. Enjoy. Exile on Main Street may be my favorite album of all time. It’s definitely my favorite Stones album. I hope this helps get rid of the Corona Blues.

You can download the multi-disc, multi show soundboard collection from which this episode was culled, right here: