Page/Plant in Sydney Feb 24, 1996

Ep. 269 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

1996 was a great year for the Jimmy Page/Robert Plant partnership. After their tremendously successful 1995 Unledded tour, they both loosened and tightened up, and headed South (of the Equator) with a smaller coterie of musicians. They played Central and South America, Japan, and finally, Australia.

This recording is from their February 24, 1996 in Sydney. The recording is fantastic as is the performance. I play a super chill yet elegant Since I’ve Been Loving You (Robert hit’s that note perfectly), a raucous and percussively gorgeous Four Sticks, and we finish off the night with a brilliant and lively In The Evening, before we all drop from exhaustion. Enjoy

You can download this show right here:

Led Zeppelin – Sydney 1972

The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast – Episode 73

On February 27, 1972 Led Zeppelin played an outdoor show in Sydney, Australia. Zeppelin only toured Australasia once at it was a doozy! This is a high energy outdoor show to an appreciative Aussie crowd. Only live performance of The Rover as well. A good one!

If you would like to download the entire show you may do so here: