Led Zeppelin Early 1980 Part One

Ep. 60 – The Heart of Markness Podcast


The magnificent owner of the Led Zeppelin Rarities YouTube channel, Zach, has created something magickal. He has created matrix (soundboard/audience tape mix) compilation of Led Zeppelin’s early dates on their 1980 European Tour.

His work brings life, atmosphere, and fun to a tour that has been held in low regard for decades. The addictions, dysfunction, and schisms within the band were all reaching critical mass at this point, and it shows in the performances, which were done no favors by a batch of dry as fuck, uninteresting soundboard recordings, which highlighted issues such as Jimmy’s loss of ability, Robert’s ambivalence, and Bonzo’s loss of spark.

This compilation, Dancing in the Doldrums, shows a band coming back and starting to gel again, after a hideous trio of years. Bonzo is here in force as this is before his collapse in Nurenberg, and Jimmy is focused and intent on ‘cutting the waffle’ or losing all the bloat like 40 minute songs and long solos.

You can download this entire compilation off of Led Zeppelin Rarities’ YouTube channel. Enjoy.

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