Tony Franklin’s Dreaming

The Demo of The Firm Song

Dreaming is a song of The Firm’s second album, Mean Business. It was written by bassist Tony Franklin, and it stands out on the album for its inventiveness. I like the song.

Tony posted his 4 track demo on YouTube and I am surprised at how complete a demo it is. It’s like listening to Pete Townshend’s demos as far as completeness of vision goes. The song is 90% finished.

I’m impressed that Jimmy Page stayed so true to Tony’s original guitar parts. It shows that The Firm were truly a band, with input from all members having weight and value, and it shows that Jimmy respected Tony’s talent.

I think this version will be my go to for this song.

One thought on “Tony Franklin’s Dreaming”

  1. Belongs in the 70s. Not remotely in ’86. Shit by this time I was listening to thrash metal. Now Blue Murder kicked some ass, partly courtesy of Franklin.

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