Thin Lizzy LA 1978

Mike Millard Master Recording

This is a great short set by Thin Lizzy, opening for Kansas at the LA Forum on August 16, 1978. This is another JEMS release of a previously unreleased Mike Millard master tape. Insane sound quality of a great band on top of the world.

Thin Lizzy was touring in support of their Live and Dangerous album, although there is one song from their next album (at this point unreleased) Black Rose. I hope you enjoy it. You can download the entire Thin Lizzy set right here:

2 thoughts on “Thin Lizzy LA 1978”

  1. Great podcast! Any idea if Millard recorded Thin Lizzy opening for Queen the previous year? You posted the Queen show from March 77, maybe Mike recorded Lizzy opening? Gary Moore was subbing for Brian Robertson in the two months they opened for Queen that tour.

    1. If Millard taped that set it will likely be released on its own at some point. If that happens I will definitely cover it. That sounds awesome!

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