Neil Young & Booker T 1993

Ok, this one went off the rails. Neil Young with Booker T and the MG’s, July 3, 1993, Torhout, Belgium. Great audience/soundboard matrix recording. It gets silly. Neil and the band have a hard time with Helpless, and have to start over, and I just go berserk get all Dan Brown conspiracy crazy and decide all Neil’s songs have darker meaning. I laughed my ass off. I hope you do too. If nothing else the music is amazing. Booker T and the MG’s are solid as a rock behind Neil, and add some depth to the groove. Enjoy, friends. You can download the entire show below:

4 thoughts on “Neil Young & Booker T 1993”

  1. Hi Mark, love the podcasts and wealth of material you post. I listen a lot while I work. The Neil is great and I wanted to get a copy (love the Nite Owl matrix), but the mega link is for the Stevie Nicks show. Would appreciate it if you could please put in the correct link. Thanks

  2. Thanks for updating Mark. I know you enjoy the Millard recordings as much as I do, so if you come across the Millard Jackson Browne 6/8/78 Long Beach and the John Prine 10/20/91 Costa Mesa, I would appreciate if you could post these. Thanks

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