The Who – LA 1980

Bonus Quarantine Episode

Brilliant Mike Millard Master Recording

1980 was a weird time for The Who. Keith Moon had died, Kenny Jones was the new drummer, they added John Rabbit Bundrick on keys, and they toured without an album to support.

Who Are You was two years old and Face Dances hadn’t been recorded yet, so The Who did a basic ‘Hits’ tour. On this night Pete was playing with a broken hand, but the show must go on, and it did. If you like to hear the whole show, in excellent quality, from Mike Millard’s master tape, you can download it here:

2 thoughts on “The Who – LA 1980”

  1. Curious you mention The Who in 1980. The other night I watched The Greatest American Hero where Hinkley has gotten the kids into a band thing, and then a show at a local club (um, wait, kids….booze….California….well, it was 1981…), and during a scene one of them says, ‘…man, we’re gonna be big….we’re gonna play with so-and-so, so-and-so, The WHO!….’ .

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