Black Sabbath- Long Beach 1975

Bonus Episode – September 7, 1975 Mike Millard Master

Another Mike Millard master tape has been released by JEMS. Black Sabbath, Long Beach 9/7/75 is a heavy af show in support of the Sabotage album. Great stuff. Very guitar heavy mix. You’ll dig it. If you would like to hear the whole show you can do so here:

One thought on “Black Sabbath- Long Beach 1975”

  1. 45 years this tape has been hoarded. Mike obviously was not a fan and didn’t bother to check his recording levels resulting in a shitty, overloaded capture of what should have been a near excellent recording. Four other L.A area dates are also M.I.A along with the ’76 shows. What a pity it is that these were not taped! (or were they?). In addition to that, Tony was obviously fucked up at this gig, as his playing is just awful. Another forgettable audience recording.Very disappointing. Now, WHERE IN THE FUCK ARE THE LED ZEPPELIN MASTERS!!!??? No one cares about anything else until these are released!

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