Led Zeppelin – New Sydney 1972

Ep. 99 – 2/27/72 New Source – Unheard Songs

We listen to a newly discovered 3rd source for the 2/27/72 Sydney concert of Led Zeppelin. For the first time ever we have Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, and Since I’ve Been Loving You from this momentous show. It’s a good thing.

If you would like to download a nice source merge of the entire show you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/mxNA0TRZ#_CxDC24faGXNTBRYeE7mow

2 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin – New Sydney 1972”

  1. Although The Dogs of Doom have made some great discoveries, this isn’t one of them. It is amazing when an unsurfaced tape comes to light after all these years. Unfortunately, the quality of this is abysmal, no matter how rare it may be. Hopefully they will continue to find high quality media for us to listen to and watch in the future. I had high hopes for this one. Thank you for all that you do Mark!

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