Black Crowes – London 1994

Blessed Chloroform – October 31, 1994

This is a great recording of a secret gig played under the name Blessed Chloroform. The Black Crowes played a club in London on Oct. 31, 1994 and we listen to it. This is a great band at a great time in their career. A good one.

If you would like to download this complete concert you may do so here:

RIP Eddie Van Halen

Van Halen Live London 1978

What a loss. This is a humble tribute to the last Great Guitar God. Featuring music from June 1, 1978 London, where the opened for Black Sabbath, and blew them off the stage. There will never be another like him. Rest in Peace, Eddie Van Halen.

You can download this complete release right here:

Rush Live – London 1983

Signals Tour Wembley Arena May 21, 1983

Bonus Quarantine Episode – Rush London 1983 I had a request to do a Rush show from the Signals Tour. I decided on May 21, 1983 The band is playing insanely well, and the crowd is enthusiastic. If you love Rush you will love this.

If you would like to have the entire concert you can download it here: