Led Zeppelin NYC Feb 12, 1975 Source 1

Ep. 257 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This is an absolutely delightful 1975 Led Zeppelin concert. 2/12/75 in New York City we hear an excellent audience recording from Jerry Moore, who made a great recording. Jimmy is pretty on top of his game, broken finger notwithstanding. Robert is in great spirits, and Jonesy and Bonzo are locked in tighter than a tourniquet.

We hear Sick Again (super tight and Robert has a good time), Over the Hills (super awesome with a unique solo from Jimmy with him stretching out with some great licks). We finish up with a badass performance of Kashmir. Sounds like the Les Paul to me, too, so it’s extra meaty. Jimmy has some really nice riffs and licks in this. The wings are still wet on this song, so it’s nice to hear them groove around a little as they work out the final form.

As always you can download this show for free right here: https://mega.nz/file/6ht1kLDL#XjgtZXcpBwVyBcOQn212vc7SCsmWNlMF1BKKlW5XDDo