Led Zeppelin Seattle 1973 TMOQ Vinyl Rip

Ep. 241 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

July 17, 1973 Seattle WA. Led Zeppelin play another of a series of brilliant gigs across the United States. There are myriad recordings of this show, and we’re listening to a sweet vinyl rip of the OG Trademark of Quality title V 1/2.

I play Since I’ve Been Loving You, No Quarter, and The Rain Song. This recording is beautiful and a joy to hear. I hope you enjoy it.

You can download this recording right here: https://mega.nz/file/2slCyA6I#yVKDeotYzgs6_Q6IscRw6HSbuv7mGxS8Mq8yE5FaBww

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