Led Zeppelin Seattle 1975 North Bridge Remix/Remaster

Ep. 208 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We hear a super cool North Bridge remix/remaster matrix of the legendary 3/21/75 Led Zeppelin gig in Seattle. A magic night to be sure and it sounds even better with the release. We listen to three tracks from this sublime performance, and I hope you enjoy.

You can download this complete legendary performance right here: https://mega.nz/folder/b0dXXQDI#gbgq6sWkO698zaFR56oQRA

Led Zeppelin June 10, 1977: A New 4 Source Merge

Ep. 204 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We hear a new 4 source merge of June 10, 1977 Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden. This is a great night and we hear an epic No Quarter and bombastic fantastic Kashmir. All cylinders firing in this one.

This great, virtually complete, concert is courtesy of Led Zeppelin Boots. If you would like this complete show you can grab it here: https://mega.nz/folder/b8EDSQwS#-olUOYn7Xev_mBGOrUPfpg

Page/Plant Vancouver BC 1995

Ep. 203 – May 26, 1995 Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

This is a great show from Page/Plant’s Unledded Tour, May 26, 1995 in Vancouver BC. This master recording captures the fire and excitement of the band, and the crowd. We hear Thank You, Shake My Tree, Dancing Days & In The Evening. Awesome.

If you would like to download this complete concert you may do so here: https://mega.nz/folder/L4VxjYCB#R1Y04uvUIYLCBPP2aNWZgw

Roy Harper & Jimmy Page London 1984

The Heart of Markness Classic Rock Podcast – Covent Garden Nov 12, 1984

November 12, 1984 Covent Garden London, Roy Harper & Jimmy Page play an intimate acoustic set, 5 days before the first live appearance of the Firm, and it’s wonderful. Hangman, 20th Century Man, and One of Those Days in England are heard. Really cool gig.

You can download this complete show right here: https://mega.nz/folder/ChdRSDaT#EtJUwgfwxuE1HXj1_kz2fg

Led Zeppelin Osaka 1971 North Bridge Remaster

Ep. 192 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We revisit Led Zeppelin’s 9/28/71 Osaka legendary show with a glorious stereo remaster by North Bridge. Wide stereo soundstage and impressive instrument separation make this star shine even brighter. Amazing. It sounds even better than the awesome EVSD release.

You can download this (almost complete. No Immigrant Song and only the last half of Heartbreaker) right here: https://mega.nz/file/DgsiCCDQ#LX0kNfd2e9qmmBamIvKd13cDv_00I5VdxVawSzw-wHk

Led Zeppelin LA Forum Millard Master

Ep. 178 – 6/25/77 DADGAD Remaster: The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We the amazing Mike Millard master of Led Zeppelin at the LA Forum on 6/25/77, lovingly remastered by DADGAD. In My Time of Dying, SIBLY, and No Quarter are heard, and they’re all exceptional. AS IS THE SOUND. Jimmy is on point in this show.

You can download this show in FLAC here: https://mega.nz/folder/2tdiQSoY#-_fP7ivj2ioIrf9Ns-qPQQ

Jimmy Page Portland 1988 Outrider Tour

November 11, 1988 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

This is a great show from Nov. 11, 1988 in Portland, Maine of Jimmy Page on his Outrider tour We hear Death Wish 2 songs, Zep songs, Firm songs, & Outrider songs. His playing is on fire and the setlist rocks.

You can download this show here: https://mega.nz/folder/T9kRnLLR#dLvHOPpCEyTZdJyIqNKhGQ

Led Zeppelin Frankfurt 1980 Remaster

Ep. 168 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast – June 30, 1980

We hear a wonderful remaster of June 30, 1980, Led Zeppelin in Frankfurt. Liriodendron did the remaster and brought the dry (and slow) sbd to life. We hear In The Evening, maybe the best live Achilles, and a great cover of Money with Phil Carson on bass. This show sparkles.

You can download the complete concert in FLAC here: https://mega.nz/folder/L88zEKpR#2On0rFICZIpOAXsHLP7nqA

Led Zeppelin Alexandra Palace 1972

12/22/1972 London – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast

We hear Led Zeppelin’s penultimate 1972 performance, Dec. 22 at the Alexandra Palace, London. This is their biggest British tour and we hear Dancing Days, Whole Lotta Love, IS & Heartbreaker. A transition period from stars to Gods.

You can download this complete concert here: https://mega.nz/folder/Opk2QaYS#cFJMLisg7syJfPyk7CipyA

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Worcester 1999

Ep. 163 – The Heart of Markness Led Zeppelin Podcast – Oct. 16, 1999

Oct 16, 1999 at the Worcester Centrum we hear Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes play a rousing set, joined by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Amazing band. Amazing set. Amazing guitarists. Enjoy.

You can download this concert right here: https://mega.nz/folder/Gk0jhALI#NjodCfS1me_5mdxQexI_WA